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i use djdesib for everything in case you havent noticed. its like dj pauly d, but its my name instead. ja feel.


don’t date anyone who doesn’t give you the same amount of love/affection/good feelings you give onto them


you’d think at 32 years old ryan gosling would be ryan goose by now

i finally put a ring back in my cartilage wooo




boo backwards is oob which is just one letter away from boob

boo is one letter from boob too tho

life is just full of miracles


young adult things: washing your colors with your whites because you don’t care you JUST don’t fucking care

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kids: hey dad where are we going for our next vacation
me: well lets see kids
me: *throws dart at map of the world*
me: hm
me: another trip to the middle of the pacific ocean


spongebob really understood this whole gender thing on a deeper level

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"Louis' nominees are Arsene Wenger who is supporting gay rights in football and his player did come out recently and Boris Johnson, senator who fight for gay marriage in Parliament, so."
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Well that’s interesting.

literally all this is saying to me is “louis nominated people with a basic sense of decency” honestly this is reaching so hard and it’s obnoxious and disrespectful how people think everything he does has to be a clue in to his sexuality which is no business of yours to be analyzing like a game




Please don’t be mean to freshmen. Please don’t be mean to younger kids for no reason. It’s already difficult enough going through the transition process of changing schools. They don’t need you to be an asshole to them for no reason on top of that.

Once you’re a senior, you’ll feel different about this. Trust me.

I am a senior. 
And if you’re a senior you should ESPECIALLY not be harassing freshmen. you should know better. 

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